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When they call you, they have to get you to acknowledge who you are. If they ask to talk to "John Jones", and you say "I am John Jones", they've "got you".

They will then tell you that you owe whatever it is they think you owe, and if you don't pay, they are allowed to ding your credit report with a collection entry. So DONT SAY "I AM ....." and give your name. If they ask you "ARE YOU JOHN JONES?" DONT SAY YES. Don't say YES at any time during the call because they will piece together them asking you "ARE YOU .....", and your YES to some other question they ask, and "they've got you".

That's the law, but they don't care about that. They have called me several times, but I never acknowledged who I was.

They finally got tired of trying and put a collection entry on my credit report anyway. ILLEGAL TO DO THAT.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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They submitted it to my credit report. I disputed it and it was removed.

They didn't have the evidence they needed to validate the debt. It was a total scam. About every 6-12 months they try again. I don't owe what they send me letters saying I owe.

The service they say I owe for was cancelled and paid in full years ago. I have proof.


The debt is validated by not being disputed within 30 days. Within 3 months months it will be on your credit report anyways.

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