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They called to get my personal info. WHY? I've never dealt with them. They're a scam. Do NOT give them any info and tell them to stop calling. Although, they won't so you'll need to block them. The reps ask for your phone number to try and get your number off their call list - why wouldn't they know who they're calling??? They called me so I don't understand how they don't know who they're supposed to be calling. DO NOT CALL ME BACK. I called... Read more

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I have received multiple calls from this number. The first time I answered and they asked to speak to a family member. My number has no association to them, no idea how they got my cell phone number. When I asked what company they were calling from, the man refused to tell me. I asked them to remove my number from the account and he said he did. I then got another call from this company off a different number, still using the 208 area code even... Read more

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How to clear up bad marks on credit report. Pay off Dept. Make me and offer. Says I owe 441.00. Which is not right. Want to clear it up.

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calls from this number or other 713-244-5605, 5606, 5682 are frequent to both cell phone and to landline, both which are registered to do not call lists. They never leave a voicemail message. Have been victim of identity theft with credit card and burglary within last year, so I don't answer calls from numbers not recognized and who don't leave a message. I will report this to FTC complaint issue and to other appropriate platforms, we are... Read more

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These scammers better stop calling me I haven't even been in the country for six months I was living overseas for work. I have a new telephone number yet they call this number asking for me then I asked the woman what was the call in reference to and she said she needed my Social Security number before she could give me any further information to make sure I'm really me but why did you call me asking for my name if you don't think I am who I am.... Read more

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Started getting calls from this company a couple months ago. Being a senior I don't answer an unrecognized number. They kept calling, leaving no message. Then i started picking up and simply laying the phone down and walking away. They kept calling. then i tried pick up and immediately hanging up. This didn't work either. I've been trying these tactics for months. Today when I picked up to hang right up, there was a recording that would NOT let... Read more

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4055464825... they contact my cell phone and immediately an app that I have cold cell spy catcher pops up saying that there's a fake Tower and attempt to access my private information on my phone so I blacklisted it. they were definitely phishing. I use a specific prepaid credit card and only load it for exactly the amount that I need for online purchases. I hope this helps some of you out there. this 405 number that they used is an Oklahoma... Read more

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Greetings, I filed a complaint with the State of Connecticut against Verizon and lost the complaint. Since the complaint fell in their favor, I will now have to pay the $229 I owe. I started paying on the balance, but now I am being harrassed five to six times a day by Diversified. I phoned them asking not to phone me because I am paying the balance owed. They are still calling me. They have been calling me before 9:00 am on all three... Read more

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I received a letter in the mail stating that I owed Comcast over $300. I checked my account online, not only was my bill up to date but they did not have the correct account number listed. When I informed the customer service rep of this she asked that I provide my social or address to verify. No ma'am. I gave her the address since the already had it. Then thirty seconds later the she hung up. I called back twice, heard the introductory message... Read more

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I was victim of identity theft by my ex-wife. because of that my credit went down the drain, Diversified Consultants got one of the accounts opened, used and abused by my ex wife. The account was originally from AT&T. when I found out what was going on I opened a criminal investigation case here in Texas, I was advised to clear that account so I could start rebuilding and fixing my credit. the account was paid in full to Diversify and this... Read more

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